So there was a mild frenzy on social media when a rather naughty video of Nigerian celebrities, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage was shared on the internet.

In the short video clip, the “Come closer” singer is ‘spanking’ the backside of his supposed ‘bestie’, Tiwa and the naughtiness has had their fans in talks ever since. ICYMI

One fan peculiarly is not so bothered about the relationship of the singers but is rather interested in reenacting what Wizkid did to Tiwa Savage.

The fan took to Twitter, where he cheekily asked the songstress if he could spank her ass. In his words,

“Mama j, can I spank ur ass??”

Tiwa then gave a quite surprising reply, giving her consent but telling him he shouldn’t expect much. In her words,

“Yeah sure. Everyone has one, nothing special about mine, na mess you go find there sha ??‍♀️”


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