Big Brother Naija Finalist, Tobi Bakre has been called out for buying fake Instagram followers… and He has responded.

A Twitter user apparently, took out time to go through the list of his followers on the social media app, and noticed some strange looking followers.

The user wrote: “Well done sir!! It’s not a good look on you @tobibakre. For the love of what you stand for, stop buying followers”, while sharing supposed screenshots of the fake Instagram accounts following him.

Bakre then reacted, acknowledging that was ‘tampered with’, but state that social media following has no correlation to success in life.

He wrote: “To whoever tampered with my insta account. Wereva it came from. Good or bad place. Success and happiness in life has no correlation with social media following. So pls ehn. Bt to the people who took out time and resources to be validating such. May God provide jobs for you 🙏🏻.”

Then he went ahead to tweet ‘Some social media lessons’. Follow the thread below:



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