Reality tv star, Venita took to social media to drop her opinion about the winners of the Big Brother Naija show, and the mentality and emotional priorities of Nigerians that watch the show. 

“The winner of BBN every year reflects the general mentality and emotional priorities of the average Nigerian (who lives and works in Nigeria) at the current time of the running season. Argue with your ancestors. This is my opinion.” she tweeted

This opinion did not sit well with supporters of this year’s winner and other netizens as the big brother housemates just lost a colleague, Rico Swavey in a car accident and this was not the right time to talk about such an insensitive topic.

Here are some of the replies she got:

“Naahh Venita, sometimes think before tweeting. 

People are mourning Rico and you think it’s the right time to drop an opinion no one asked you for in the first place? 

Even if you’re not mourning him, at least be quiet while others do.”

“Venita will never have sense even if she becomes the firstlady of the country 🤮🤮🤮”

“Take stanship support aside, venita what exactly is your problem? Why are you dropping your opinion today of all days? And why is this an opinion in the first place? What has Phyna done to you all? Where was this opinion last year and even when your friend mercy won? Smh.”

“You all are cursing her. Maybe she doesn’t know the guy, maybe they have never said a word to each other. It is just like saying you are from Lagos and a celebrity in Anambra dies and you are expected to mourn the person or pause your life too. Cut her some slacks please”

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