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Well, this is new for me… and I’m just as sure that it is for you too. A Male bridesmaid? Lol.

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, in preparation for her white wedding to her heart rub, Oladunni Churchill, has just revealed why she chose her popular stylist, Jeremiah Ogbodo AKA Swanky Jerry as her chief bridesmaid.

When she found out on the internet that it was possible to have a male bridesmaid, she wrote:

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“swankyjerry get ready…Can’t get over this find Super proud of my bestie for understanding me the way he does and standing for & by me all year everyday..Good friends are hard to find,if u find one keep them and define your relationship with success and love not gossip and backbiting or envying others..”

Tonto Bridesmaid
Tonto Bridesmaid1


  1. Is still ok but he should be called Tonto Chief Bridesservant not Tonto Chief Bridesmaid since he is a guy. Waoohh!!! It will great kwaa if Tonto will be d 1st to have CHIEF BRIDESSERVANT in d whole world cos it will be on record. Here comes soonest the 1st WORLD CHIEF BRIDESSERVANT.

  2. tonto….tonto! I like ur style jare,”no sharing”
    omolomo….dose girls wey like leg b like tooth-pick she no want share d same bed with dem….happy wedlock joor!I pray we shall not witness ur divorce in Jesus name!

  3. there is no big deal in ds..female do bestman so male can also do brides maid..i think i love it..u guys ar reactin like ds becos we nigerians we take life too seriously…yet we ar stil wia we are…let her do her tin

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