Actress, Tonto Dikeh-Churchill In an interview with Channels TV, said she has been married longer than people think.

“I have been for a very long time.. Just that I kept the secret to myself..and trying to enjoy married life..yea it just came out like 2-3 days ago.One mistake we do is having this very loud announcement on when you have been engaged and everything and its only normal that the media helps you destroy your marriage before you even get into your home. So,privacy is key in my marriage” – she said

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Wen asked how being married has influenced her person, Tonto said:

“It has changed me a lot I could say. It has. It has changed my perspective of life. It has changed the way I think. For once, it has made me a very happy woman, something that i never used to have. Happiness is everything. If you are not happy, you can never be satisfied with what you have or you can never appreciate all the people. I think it has opened my eyes to be able appreciate people despite the fact that they are who they are. I thank God” – she said

On the perception that she is very controversial, Tonto said

“I am a very straightforward person. I am like a book. I am just very open. I think the controversial part of me is something that the media has put upon me. It’s just unfortunate that sometimes I help them play that role because of anger. I get so angry sometimes and I help them play that role. But never again. I have leanrt a lot. Like I said before what marriage has done for me. Marriage has changed my perspective. Now, no body can push me to being controversial anymore this interview with re .Sometimes, I handled it really badly ,and sometimes handle it really good. I will say badly because I responded to negativity and that only just gave an approval that she is a controversial person But I am actually a very sweet loving and godly person.’Controversy is actually very far from me. I wouldn”t say that I have not experienced controversy from a very early age. I have. Even in secondary school when everybody thought I was the bad girl meanwhile I was the only virgin out of my school .Although I just like to hang around men rather than female and they just have this idea in their head. Oh I like wearing short skirts rather than long skirts. I have always had that thing with misconception. Only those who are very close to me understand me. I have been very stubborn about people understanding me.Like I don’t care if you understand me”she said


  1. I like ur Husband and Help me to greet ur love,The Grace of our lord Jesus christ be with ur family.

  2. Abeg this nonsense has to stop, all in the name of making fame. who cares how long she was married. She should invest her time and money into something worthwhile. Enough shit about her private life.

  3. mrs tonto ch, ensure you are not what people called you,allow Lord Jesus into you life and marriage so that you prove people wrong . We love you

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