Tonto Dikeh’s Elder brother, Charles and his father Mr Dikeh remembered late Mrs Veronia Dikeh who died on 9, September, 1987 in Rivers State.

The family lit candle on her grave side led by Mr Dikeh and his son Charles.

It’s been long since she died but memories of loved ones especially a mother never dies in the heart but lives forever.

Meanwhile, Happily Married Tonto Dikeh couldn’t make it there on the day of they remembrance.


“Cry cry baby, come here lemme hug the hell outta you big bro..Don’t cry my love she is in a happier place and her love lives on thru us all,turn those tears into Prayers..she loves u, Us All…I will buy you a toy car for your tears lol #just tryna cheer u up Charly #I cried my eyes out too @charlesdikeh
Thanks for going over to see mummy I guess she was the happiest Angel for seeing you…. #28years #Rip #mama”



A few words may suffice to pay tribute to a soul that departed the world sooner than she deserved. It’s been 28 years since you were taken from us dear mother; you’re a gem that cannot be replaced. You’re a symbol of love, selflessness and compassion, strong yet tender to all of us.

The lessons you gave me are as priceless as the sacrifices you made to get me to where I am today. Even now, as I speak of you, secret tears still flow within my soul, what it meant to lose you no one will ever know.

I love you mama,I always will.thank you for looking after me in such a special way from a special place,I am ok,We are ok..I turned out super great and am sure you are happy, pls come for my wedding. I know you never leave my sight,your presence I feel always and I hope some day I will be half the mother you were.

Sleep on mama, sleep on princess,sleep on baby,for you left us in the hands of the best man in the world and he did such a great job.

I love you now and forever more… #mama the Queen of my heart
#mama I just want u to know that loving you is like sweet to my soul #28years #Rip baby


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