Ex-Big Brother Naija housemates, Ifu Ennada, has shared some tips to follow in order to easily renew your passport in Nigeria. Using the experience she had as an example, Ifu Ennada shares some Nigerian passport renewal advise for women.

In her words,

“No Eye Lashes – If you have semi permanent lashes on they’ll cut them off or send you back if you can’t pull them off yourself…but my celebrity status saved me, even though I still took them off. I was left looking like a fowl with all that natural makeup and no eyelashes to complement it.

No Coloured Hair – They’ll simply send you back or ask you to remove your wig. You get to choose.
No Fancy Natural Hair Style – I did a medium rise mohawk with my natural hair which didn’t cover my face in anwyay, but I was asked to flatten it. Again my popularity helped in some way.

Bottomline – if you’re trying to renew your Nigerian passport or get one, go there with your best Deeper Life look. That kinda appearance makes them fall in love.

This is based on my experience at the Ikoyi Passport office today. ” she wrote.



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