A content creator with the name Enejadivine1 on Tiktok has compiled his list of research on the most diabolical tribes in Nigeria to the amusement of many.

Africans, especially Nigerians are known to be ‘dealers’ in the dark medicine and while Juju as it is popularly called is relatable to all the states, some are more inclined.

According to the Tiktoker, some five tribes are infamously known to be deeply involved in diabolism more than other Nigerian states.

He started from the least, Calabar which is situated in Cross River, a southern state in Nigeria. The tribe among many is known to eat dogs and have colourful masquerades.

According to him, they are well versed in witchcraft and their territorial closeness to the river gives them strange power.

The fourth on the list is the Tiv tribe of Benue in central Nigeria, who are known for their white and black traditional attire, wood carving and music. Enejadivine1 claims they are good in spiritual tying and enchantment.

Okija in Anambra Eastern Nigeria carries the third position. They are allegedly known for money rituals and sacrificing their family members to have money.

Now to the top two, Ijebu Ode in South West Nigeria is the first runner up. This tribe is notoriously known for all sort of ritual killing and blood sacrifices.

The leader of the gang is Esan in Edo state. Normally, Edo state can never beat the allegations against them because it is common knowledge that the state ranks the highest in diabolism and fetishness.

Is the tiktoker’s collation a hit or miss?


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