Portable screams

A video that captures the hilarious moment controversial singer, Portable, cried out for help after he was shown the stage he would perform at a concert in Port Harcourt has gone viral.

Portable was a guest artiste at a show in Asarama town, Port Harcourt, Rivers state, on Tuesday night, December 3, and performed on a stage erected in the middle of a river.

Portable screams

In the trending video, the “Ika of Africa” singer was filmed while he was being ferried to the stage and he couldn’t help but scream for help when he saw the unusual set-up.

Portable went on to give a stellar performance on the stage before a multitude of concert-goers standing on the shore.

Watch the funny video below,

A while back, Portable took a swipe at Nigerians after he boarded a plane that was filled with empty seats.

The singer, in a video shared on his Instagram page where he showed the almost empty plane, said many people tried to buy tickets for the flight but couldn’t because they didn’t have money.

According to him, they are all broke because they refused to do “rituals”.

Portable, who boarded the plane with some of his crew members, captioned the video,

“Wahala Wahala Wahala.
Inside plane see empty seat, but for outside people plenty, no money to buy ticket. Kinimah Fajah Akoi Fly Ajala Na Traveler. Dr ZEH nation, many many inspiration.”

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