In a rather mystical and shocking tale, a young man recently took to Twitter to share how about 50 friends who attended a birthday party hosted by a suspected “Yahoo” boy are dying mysteriously.

The Twitter user, with handle, @pelumiawotedu took to the social networking platform to narrate the shocking incident which occurred in Alagbole Akute, Lagos.

His narrative which started serving rounds on the internet is of a yahoo boy who celebrated his birthday party in a grand style last Sunday with over 50 of his friends in attendance — not long after, it’s been alleged that about 50 of those friends in attendance are dying mysteriously.

Following @pelumiawotedu’s update, some Twitter users living within the area, seconded his statement about the incident which occurred that Sunday.

A user, @ysquare_r claimed that his neighbor lost her friend, her child, and son to the strange incident. Not only that, he also claimed a man in his street attended the birthday party with four of his friends and all 5 of them are dead.

According to @ysquare_r, as at the time of counting, they were 30 dead already. The development has caused public outrage, with people wanting to know the reason behind this fatal incident, most persons are redirecting the cause for the massive deaths to be food poisoning and not anything concerning yahoo rituals.

This is because the young man who celebrated his birthday is also dead.

See some reactions below,

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  1. whether food poisoning or ritual; careful of where you go; na wetin dem dey try yarn you be that..
    suffering under this tenure government is one bad omen; dying at the same time, is another.


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