Nigerian Instagram comedian, Ereme popularly known as Twyse_116 or Taofeek, this afternoon, revealed he’s really facing a hard time and he’s considering committing suicide.

The popular instagram comedian posted a suicidal note:

This is likely to be my last post. I’m sorry. Wanted to delete evrything but I got respect fr y’all. Full story on Twitter. I’m out?” “I’m about to flood ur timeline guys, feel free to unfollow or block me if it gets disturbing?. I’m frustrated I can’t lie and yes I’m too emotional n I got issues I know. Didn’t realise how frustrating life cld be for a viner till I stated making videos on IG. I mean we love d craft but I think that’s just our escape from reality.
Most of us are dying inside and feel the only way we can be happy is by making other people around us happy. I mean I’m really fucked up for real?. My family n relatives have bn a whole bunch of ducks up creations. I’m just wondering why God ever created them.
Thank God for my mother and bro – willteg. Man wld have committed suicide right before this day . I’m at the point whereby if I cld find a gun, I’ll just shoot my brains out and forget I ever existed. Life is really meaningless to me right now. I go to uni, work a minimum of 9 hours a day just to find money to pay my fees, my bills and rent but all to no avail. .
Figured out I cld Make Instagram videos to escape d pain but it just doesn’t work out tht way. My relationship with my exes fcked up just because I’m sick Up in my brain. Got a number of fans but still choose to be an introvert. Sold my cam to balance my course fees just fr me to hear tht it’s too late. Fuck everything.
I won’t be making any more videos frm now henceforth I’m sorry. Thanks to everyone who ever supported n stood by me, u are d only family I’ve got thts why I cherish u way more than u cld ever imagine. This wld be my last words n I’m gone for good.
God bless y’all n for those who’ve ever Seen me as an inspiration to them, I’m sorry shit had to go this way. I really am. Keep believing. Dreams do come true, mine just seems like an impossibility . I’m sorry Mom ??. N most of all my fans out there.”

Toyin Aimakhu (Left), Popular Nigerian Instagram Comedian - @Twyse_116 (Right)
Toyin Aimakhu (Left), Popular Nigerian Instagram Comedian – @Twyse_116 (Right)

Apparently, the comedian had spoken to actress Toyin Aimakhu before. Toyin shared two videos on her Instagram page, tearfully making a very passionate plea for the Comedian not to commit suicide.

“If you can see this..please I beg you..I spoke to you few days ago..don’t do this. I know its not easy. A lot of people don’t even know what we go through to make them happy but please Ereme you are so talented…please don’t do this”she said

See the videos below:

Fellow comedian, Craze Clown, has also begged people who know him to please reach out and help.


  1. Pls someone should help and stop him from killing himself. I know u will surely make it in life, maybe God is just testing ur faith. Bro, hold unto ur faith and all will be well.

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