Popular Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, has sent the social media buzzing with criticisms and mixed reactions after a video of her kissing a white pet dog emerged on social media.


The Lagos-based Yoruba actress who is always in the news for her many controversies, was blasted by Nigerians on a popular online platform after the video clip was posted by Glo ambassador and comic actress, Eniola Badmus.

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  1. its not healthy , dog eats its shit, dog licks its balls all the time. you take the dog out in the park and it puts its mouth on rubbish… you just don’t have to do everything you see them do in movies

  2. Nigerians are so over dramatic about everything!! you guys can do a lot of rubbish and still claim to be religious or Holly nobody is perfect clean the dirt in ur eyes first before you clean some else’s own beside you guys don’t focus on important things only rubbish

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  4. Sometimes I wonder wen we’d ever b free from d web of being uncivilized. C’mon we’re in d 21st century. Nd dat kiss ain’t passionate. I’m cool with it since she ain’t fu*king it.

    • Don’t forget dogs always have cold and WET nose. She kissed it, got WET lips, she licked her own lips, saliva mixed. She comes over, kissed you passionately, your saliva now mixed with both hers and the dog’s. You spread the disease. The white man comes around and blame you for another incurable disease. Must we always act white?

    • I didn’t say we should act white….. Bt let’s b logical here. People have been kissing dogs since 4eva and it hasn’t caused any disease. Nd just so u know, we as humans have millions of bacteria in our mouth and wen we kiss each other passionately, we share millions of stuffs. But we don’t care since we feel only animals have bacteria carried in dia mouths.

    • In fact read it up….. Humans and dogs share millions of bacteria in both mouths. And comparing both is irrelevant coz it is like comparing 2 same things of other different compositions. So kissing ur dog isn’t risky at all. It is almost dsame as kissing a human. D difference is who does it better. ?

  5. Well she can kiss any of her pet so far she’s not borrow my mouth to so but… Dear sister Toyin time is going we women av a very short period of time anything after 40 hmmmm. Pls try and be under a responsible man. May God lead u to right part

  6. Wetin concern am? She’s making cool cash n attaining greater heights n you’re here disturbing yourselves,making comments she won’t even see. Make Una grow up!!!

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  8. Pls try understand what u post before making me waste data on rubbish like dis,that dog is for Eniola Badmus not hers moreover is it ur kiss? Those that are hating on the video ain’t loyal than the dog. Awon ajakaja

  9. Money using her already. The truth is that before she came into the film industry she would never ever do this.
    The white people SMOKE in their movies, toyin now smokes, the white people KISS animals in their movies, toyin now kisses animals. The white woman gives her butt to dogs. Toyin, are you planning on doing same or you are on it already? Stupid Nigerians. Whatever the westerners do you do also. SLAVES!
    Spread the disease. Your saliva+dog’s saliva=kiss your boyfriend. It keeps going. At the end of the day the white WILL blame the resulting disease on you blacks because toyin foolishly acted like the white.
    When will you ever use your head?

  10. Naija yy,who e concern if she kiss dog?
    Una just de disturb una self for another person matter.
    Yabaleft,if una no get anything to de do rather than to de criticize and putting controversial topics,you people should just shut your website and enter the street and get yourselves a job.

  11. Y una no go like her comment. Husbands don scarce reach the level wey una go dey rollick with dogs abi? I declare all of you free from the spirit of bestiality & restoration of the spirit of humanity now in the name of Jesus.

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