There’s been mixed reactions over the video of an Uber driver tackling his female passenger all because she failed to ‘greet him’ after they had contact.

The video is currently making the rounds on social media – in it, the Uber driver, who is the one recording the video, is seen tackling a female passenger because she did not say ‘good morning’.

According to the driver, the woman entered into his ‘office’ which is his car and did not greet him.

Watch the videos below, (press play)



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  1. This is absolutely uncalled for and the driver should be removed as an uber driver.
    One for being rude to a passenger.
    Two for recording it and posting.
    Note that anyone can greet anyone first. I ve entered taxi s where I was greeted first and I have also greeted first.
    When I run a biz I am more likelyto greet you first in a cheerful and polite manner when u come to my place of biz just to ensure u feel welcomed and are at ease .
    This is so wrong on all levels and I call out that he be blacklisted as an uber driver.
    No manners at all.He has no self esteem.
    I’m quite annoyed.

  2. Uber is not balanced, they only give preference to riders.
    What about the numerous rude riders, has anybody taken any action against them????
    From the way Uber is giving unmerited advantage over drivers to riders, it will collapse very soon

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