Tolanibaj slams

Reality show star, Tolani Shobajo popularly known as TolaniBaj, has lambasted an MC who tribe-shamed her at her love-interest, Prince’s homecoming party.

Tolanibaj slams

A home coming party befitting for a king was thrown for former BBNaija housemate, Prince Nelson, in Owerri, Imo state capital over the weekend.

During the party, the over-excited MC threw a shade at TolaniBaj after he referenced the “loveship” between Prince and Tolanibaj that crashed on arrival.

According to the Master of Ceremony, when Prince was falling for TolaniBaj on the reality show, the Igbos prayed fervently so he doesn’t end up “going to Yorubaland” and that he’s grateful “the wishes our fathers” followed him and he came back to Igboland safely.

Watch the video below,

The former BBNaija housemate and Youtuber, TolaniBaj, was ‘disgusted’ by the joke and took to Twitter to express her disappointment at the MC.

She tweeted,

“Tribalism or illiteracy?
Quite Disgusting”

A question clearly directed at the MC’s statement. Fans of the TV star have also shared their opinion about the unguarded utterance of the MC.

@eStaroyalty wrote,

“Why is tribalism still a thing? Like I dnt dis century?do people not like growth ?abi dey prefer to live backwards?Im sick to my stomach”

@Omo_toyosi_ wrote,

“It’s definitely both. Nigerians are not ready for this discussion at all, so so disgusting….. what in the world was that”

@bornjade25 wrote,

“The MC went too far that was very rude and careless talk. He should know better when talking about sensitive things. Focus on the celebrant so he trends well not create diversion, division and chaos. Quite disgusting”

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