Ezra Olubi sparks

Paystack Co-founder and LGBTQ advocate, Ezra Olubi, has sparked a huge controversy on social media after sharing photos with his two partners.

He posted the photos on Twitter over the weekend and celebrated his relationship with the two women who he said contribute to their household income and have no plans for children.

Ezra, who openly advocates for LGBTQ and queer rights, captioned the photos, “Triple income, no kids.”

Ezra Olubi sparks

See his tweet below,

His post has sparked a flurry of comments on social media, with many expressing confusion about the dynamics of Ezra’s relationship with the women.

Others questioned whether they had gotten married or if the photos were from their wedding, as Ezra didn’t provide much context.

Read some of the comments below,

While some Nigerians congratulated them, assuming they got married, one of his partners went online to share more photos and revealed that they all attended a friend’s wedding abroad.

She wrote,

“The delicious disobedience of it all ❤️

Thank you all for the wonderful messages.
Getting the chance to celebrate @TheNwando and @iKillCuriosity w/ the loves of my life is an incredible life experience i will always cherish.

sintra was love ❤️”

See her tweet below,

See more photos below,

Ezra Olubi sparks

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