Truck Driver takes off as his container fell on a brand new Range Rover in Lagos.

A popular Yoruba word for this is ‘ipọnju’ and this is the case of the incident that took place in Oyo state.

The story is not clear yet, but according to what was culled from an instagram handler who posted photos of the crash, he joked that a range rover was heading to his girlfriend’s house for nacks, but he serves a living God.

He captioned it;

When the Range Rover guy is heading to your girlfriends house for nacks, but you serve a living God

However, on another post he wrote ;

The car is on its way to Oyo state for a party, and the truck driver has taken off #rangerovervogue

The post revealed that the owner was still checking what could be done because the driver took off and the truck itself can not buy any part of the car. (What a WAWU)

Photos Below;


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