Nollywood facts

I came across this and I said I would be so stingy if I didn’t share it with you guys…. Whoever came up with this is the biggest fan of Nollywood movies… It’s too accurate!!! That is if there’s anything like being too accurate *scratches head*

So in a series of tweets, this individual categorically described the nature of popular Nollywood actors in the most hilarious yet true way possible…

You’ll agree with me why I say it’s “too accurate” after you read them… See below:

Nollywood facts1

Nollywood facts2

Nollywood facts3

Nollywood facts4

Nollywood facts5

Nollywood facts6

Nollywood facts7

Nollywood facts8

Nollywood facts9

Nollywood facts10

Nollywood facts11

Nollywood facts12

Nollywood facts13

Nollywood facts14

Nollywood facts15

Nollywood facts16

Nollywood facts17

Nollywood facts18

Nollywood facts19

Nollywood facts20

Nollywood facts21

Nollywood facts22

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