Bisi Alimi tells

Popular Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, has dished out a piece of advice to straight people who have had failed marriages.

Taking to his Instastory, he advised such people to try something unnatural for once, since their natural heterosexual marriages are not working out.

Bisi Alimi says

According to the openly-gay activist who has been married to his husband, Anthony Davis, for six years, if his ‘unnatural’ marriage has lasted longer than some ‘natural’ marriages, perhaps it is time for more people to try an ‘unnatural’ marriage.

Bisi wrote on Sunday, April 9,

“Dear straight married people,

If my unnatural gay marriage is lasting more than your natural straight marriage, maybe it’s time you try something unnatural for once.

Or maybe instead of passing laws to stop my loving, fulfilling and promising unnatural gay marriage, you could devout time to making your natural marriage work and make something of your life. Just saying.”

See his post below,

A while back, Bisi advised gay men to divorce their wives and live their truth.

Bisi who is in a gay marriage took to his Instastory to tell homosexual men who are married to women to divorce them immediately and begin to experience inner peace.

He wrote;

“Dear gay men, today is a good day to divorce your wife, set that woman free so you can finally live your truth and find inner peace”

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