We are just happy the Twitter NG is back and Nigerians can use without VPN because the vibes on the micro-blogging site is absolutely contagious.

Man Says Wife Possess

Popular Career Coach, Dr. Dipo Awojide recently shared his opinion about young men who sleep with older women for monetary gains, and he asserted that these young men might end up useless in life because of the act.

Dr. Dipo explained that if any ‘Sugar Mommy’ gives a guy N300k per night to get in bed with him, the Older woman is definitely using the young man’s destiny.

In his words ;

Any sugar mummy that gives you N300K per night to sleep with you is using your destiny. Don’t fall for quick money and end up useless in life. Continue working hard and smart. Your future is bright.

Dr. Dipo’s tweet elicited more than a Thousand retweets and comments but a particular quoted tweet stood out from the rest.

The reply from Alli Balogun H.Lekan reads ;

Take N290k. Destiny is taken from 300k and above. Protect your destiny.

Alli Balogun successfully suggested an expert way of protecting a man’s destiny if he were to venture into that career path.

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