Twitter user calls

A UI/UX designer has accused talent manager, Ubi Franklin, of hiring her for a job and then refusing to pay her after she put in so many hours.

Taking to the microblogging platform Twitter, she narrated how the music executive contacted her via singer Iyanya’s official Twitter account to discuss the job.

He then gave her his phone number and they started chatting on WhatsApp, where he gave her the brief and she gave him a quote of N500K.

Twitter user calls

She said they proceeded to do a Zoom call so she knows for a fact that she was working for the music executive. He then told her to start working right away and that he would pay her the initial deposit later.

However, when she started the job and didn’t get paid, she contacted Ubi, who said it was because of the elections and promised to pay her after the elections.

Twitter user calls

She said she did not receive payment or hear from Ubi after the elections, until she threatened to disgrace him on social media.

Ore also posted screenshots of their chats to back her claims. Ubi Franklin, on the other hand, stated in the chat that he doesn’t mind if she calls him out because they haven’t reached an agreement and he hasn’t received the job from her, so he isn’t obligated to pay her.

Read their exchange below,

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