Two friends return

A Black American lady has taken to TikTok to share what happened after she and her friend travelled to Miami for the spring break.

The lady with handle @Milkybanks_ posted a video montage of their fun moments in Miami and showed how they partied and drank alcohol during the vacation.

Two friends return

However, things took a different turn when they both returned home and discovered that they are pregnant without knowing who impregnated them

Showing off pictures of their baby bumps and ultrasound, the lady captioned the video,

“Me and my friend went to Miami for spring break and came back pregnant and don’t known who the fathers are”

Watch the video below,

The video has since sparked mixed reactions from netizens, the bulk of whom expressed disappointment in the young women.

See how some reacted below,

l.tobiloba wrote, “If you want to be useless at least protect yourself with strangers!!!! Now that they’re posting, is it for the father(s) to locate them? the pregnancies may belong to 1 father. May we not birth children that will bring us shame down to next generations.”

@ceewhy27 wrote, “When they said birds of the same feather flock together, these are the people they were talking about.”

@familydoctor_blog wrote, “And they are joyfully displaying their baby bumps??????? But what is going on like this? Are we sure Jesus is not coming very soon? Like tomorrow? Because this world is finished. Trust me when I say that.”

@iamfavour_moore wrote, “Na why some guys no dey like make their babe dey go girls vacation or all girls night be this”

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