A church member going through a complicated love relationship has dared to seek for advice during church session.

This happened in the Omega Fire ministries founded by the controversial pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman who was seen laughing hysterically in the video.

The bone of contention in the relationship was not mentioned by the young man but he said a disagreement has ensued in which the ladies called it quits and offered to pay him back all the money he has ever spent on her.

The lover boy had employed the use of calculator and pen to sum up all his spendings and forwarded the detailed amount to her.

He was expecting his money to be transferred to his bank account when the girl said he is to come and get it physically. On getting there, the girl resorted to begging him as she sees that she does not have that huge amount to pay.

The lover girl requests that they forgive each other and continue their relationship to the confusion of the lover boy. This was what made him ask what decision to make in the church service.

Apostle Johnson Suleman responded that they are both fo.ols and the boy in particular should have treated the matter well. The congregation all the while were howling with laughter.

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