A lady has stirred reactions online as she shared the unexpected response she received from her partner after playing a pregnancy prank on him to test how he would respond to the news.

The young woman announced in her boyfriend’s DM that they were having a child together in an effort to playfully pull his leg.

He initially thought she was playing a joke on him, but as she persisted, he started to suspect she could actually be serious.

He instantly changed the subject and started blaming her as he informed her that she knows they cannot get married since she is not his type, and he has merely been with her to make her feel less lonely.

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CONFIDENCE commented: “And you’re so beautiful 🥺… how could he💔”

Tee Blaq reacted: “SMH . It’s really funny how y’all ladies commenting are putting the blame on the guy . Man give her the green light but she was too in love to see it.”

Worthy wrote: “All the guys I dated I used pregnancy prank to collect abortion money nothing concern me if u love me or not na money I want😂😂😂😂”

stephyfrances2 said: “my pain is not even about the pregnancy prank but,the truth behind the prank💔🤦‍♀️”

Khutšo Khummy enquired: “But how do you date someone who tells you in the beginning that you’re not his type? And you take it as a challenge to ‘work harder’ to be his type.😢”

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