Nigerian Influencer and Promoter, MC Warriboy has slammed skit-maker, Ashmusy for allegedly copying businessmen, Obi Cubana, and E-Money and gifting her employees cars as a gift.

Recall that Ashmusy recently bought two cars for her loyal staff and shared a video of her presenting one of the whips to her worker.

E-Money and Obi Cubana had also bought cars months ago and gifted them to their employees as well as celebrities.

According to Warriboy, Ashmusy only decided to buy vehicles because the business moguls did the same,  proving that individuals like her lack the ability to replicate in a wise way.

He implied that what she did was only for show since famous people had been known to secretly take back automobiles that they had given to their staff.

The MC warned that he did not want to learn that the employees were still using their legs to travel just because the boss had retrieved with the car.

He claimed that because E-Money and Cubana are well-off, anyone attempting to emulate them will fall behind and end up leading a fake life.

He said that he would use the internet to expose anyone who put on such a pretended act of kindness in an effort to win praise.

Watch the video below,

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