A Nigerian man has taken to his social media page to recount how his age stopped him from getting a job in Nigeria.

According to Taofik, he got his Bachelor’s degree at 28 but the age factor companies set in Nigeria prevented him from landing a job despite the fact that he graduated with a First class.

Read his post below ;

At 28, finished first class, BSc in Finance from Unilag but couldn’t qualify for a grad role in Nigeria due to age factors. At 32, Now working at Bloomberg London office as a sales analyst covering Europe and US corporates. If Nigeria doesn’t value you another country will


  1. I graduated with first class in Economics from OAU at the age of 29 but hunted for job in Nigeria with no good one for two years. It’s either they complain of old age or request for unattainable years of experience. I think self employment is the only option…

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