A student of the University of Lagos has shared how a lecturer threatened him after he confronted him for wrongly grading him.

He shared this under a thread on the microblogging platform X, where they condemned the ruthless behavior of some university lecturers.

The student, who identifies as @lorde_law, mentioned that he had informed the lecturer that his 300-level first-semester exam was wrongly marked.

Instead of the lecturer looking into the grade to determine if it was indeed wrongly marked, he threatened him for pointing it out.

The student also emphasized the fact that lecturers barely do the right thing and highlighted how difficult they make learning in the university look for students.

“The entire University of Lagos. I can bet my life that 300l first semester insurance exams were wrongly graded and I’m ready to take this to any length. Only for the lecturer to threaten me after pointing it out. Hell I still remember the questions.

I remember how many time I found discrepancies in my grade accumulation. One time, they said I had no CA cos I didn’t write it. Lol Only to find my scripts in their pile of dirt besides their desk.

They’d rather die than do the right thing. We are fighting poverty, fighting the government, we also have to fight lecturers to at least do the right thing. Everything is stacked against the average Nigerian student in uni.”

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