Gina, a UNIPORT student who was shot 5 times and left to die by police men in the guise of accidental discharge during the school’s violent protest earlier this month has now been buried.

She was buried yesterday and her cousin shared pics from the burial along with a heartbreaking note from her wounded and broken mother.


“Yesterday my beautiful daughter was put to rest.. The heaviness in my heart can’t be eased, knowing that no one is taking responsibility of your death. The police killed you and never showed remorse for your death. Nigeria is as messed up as its leaders. May you rest in peace my angel. Your death has paint everything in my life into a different shades of remorse, I keep regretting sending you there, I feel guilty Gina..The sorrow I feel to lose you Gina is the price I have paid to have you in my life, your memories is all I have, which helped me survived the storms and struggles of our daily lives we shared together. I see it from henceforth as my job to mourn you until the day I die. I can’t loose you, you are part of reason for everything in my life. Pls God how can I go through? Till we meet again. RIP Gina my doctor as I always called you. I will always love you my daughter”

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