A viral video of a Hausa woman speaking Igbo language fluently without any hitch, has stirred up reactions on social media.

In the video shared by PM News on their official Twitter page, the 37-year-old Enugu based Hausa woman shocked many as she fluently conversed in Igbo.

The Sokoto woman revealed that she had relocated to the eastern page of Nigeria at the age of 12, and has spent over 25-years of her life in Enugu.

According to her, her stay in the eastern part of the country has been peaceful, adding that her landlord no longer collects rent from them.

Reacting to the woman’s ability to speak fluent Igbo language, a Twitter user @mabdul5159 tweeted,

“This is what we call unity in diversity…! And this is how Nigeria is supposed to be for any citizen to be or live in every state in Nigeria no matter his background or religion. But here we are busy criticizing one another with hate-speech instead showing love & unity.”

Another netizen @Kayodespeaks wrote,

“Only those that haven’t travel wide in this country will be shouting divide divide this country without considering their brothers in potiskum, mongunno, azare, okigwe,badagry etc.”

Watch video below,

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