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Upcoming Artist Young Duu Accuses Carter Efe Of Creating Fake Accounts In His Name To Troll Davido (VIDEO)

In a surprising turn of events, upcoming artist Young Duu has made a shocking accusations about comedian-turned-artist Carter Efe.

According to Young Duu, Carter Efe allegedly created fake social media accounts using his name to target and troll popular musician Davido.

The duo’s association began after Young Duu had a clash with Portable last year.

Seeking a fresh start, they formed a partnership and even released a song titled “Oyinmo” in November, which was meant to solidify their collaboration.

Unfortunately, their friendship took a nosedive due to disagreements over the sharing of royalties from the song.

Young Duu accused Carter Efe of unfair practices and claimed that he was being shortchanged.

Taking to Instagram, Young Duu posted a video message in which he accused Efe of using a false social media account in his name to harass Davido.

Expressing his frustration, Young Duu exclaimed:

Carter Efe, God will punish you. You are using a Twitter account in my name to troll Davido. He will think I am the one attacking him. It’s unfair. You are fake.”

The artist’s statement quickly gained traction on social media, with numerous users flocking to the comment section to share their thoughts on the matter.

The video has since gone viral, capturing the attention of netizens and viewers online

As the story continues to unfold, fans and followers eagerly await further developments, hoping for clarity amidst the allegations.


Watch the video below:

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