Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, has spoken about his altercation with fellow internet celebrities, James Brown and Papaya Ex at an event.

The self-styled billionaire’s girlfriend, along with his former protégé, James Brown, and influencer, Papaya Ex, were all guests at an event that was held in Lagos last night, and a fight almost broke out between them.

Videos from the event making the rounds online captured the moment Bobrisky flared up at the event and even moved to get physical with Papaya Ex and James Brown, but for the intervention of friends who calmed him down.

The drama started with James and Papaya dancing close to where Bobrisky was seated, and Bob, who wasn’t comfortable with them being so close, flared up.

He could be seen gesticulating with his hands to indicate that there’s enough space at the venue and they shouldn’t come in his direction.

Speaking about the brawl in a video he shared on social media after the party, the male Barbie said he acted out of character at the event because he was so upset.

According to him, he was so furious that he would have mercilessly dealt with Papaya Ex but for the people who held him.

Speaking further, Bobrisky mocked Papaya for coming to the event with a police escort.

“Why did you come with Police first? If you know you can stand. I’m going to say this, I’m going to do Instagram rant with you and when I see you in person, we are going to beat ourselves.” He said n part.

Watch him speak below,


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