A Nigerian woman who got a brand new iPhone from her husband as a Valentine’s Day gift has gone to church to testify.

The woman in a video making the rounds online said she has never owned a brand new phone and was overjoyed when her husband surprised her with one.

She stated that, up until now, she had always used old phones that had been passed down to her.

She expressed her gratitude to God for blessing her with a supportive husband and thanked her husband for changing her status from an old iPhone 7 user to a proud owner of a brand new iPhone 12.

Her words,

“I want to thank God for giving me a supportive husband. All my phones I’ve been using, they’ve always been hand me downs from my kids. When my kids upgrade their phone, they give the old one to me.

“So that’s what I use, I don’t have like a new phone. On Valentine’s morning, there was a gift for me near my laptop so I opened it from my husband and it was a brand new iPhone 12. I went from an iPhone 7 straight to an iPhone 12. This is the first time I’ve got a brand new phone. So I just thank my husband for that.”

Watch video below:

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