Vera Sidika reveals

Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika has revealed why she has decided to give birth in her home country, Kenya, instead of US.

Vera Sidika reveals

The socialite, who is currently 8 months pregnant, disclosed that she considered travelling to the US for her delivery since she still has a valid US Visa but changed her mind and decided to stay back in Kenya.

According to Sidika, she couldn’t handle the thought of staying away from her family and friends for 4-6 months. She added that every pregnant woman needs all the love and affection she can get during her pregnancy journey.

Taking to her Instastory, she wrote,

“I almost travelled to give birth in USA. Since my 5 years Visa is valid. But this Covid pandemic isn’t fun. Then again, we couldn’t handle the idea of being Away from family and friends during my pregnancy for 4-6 months.

While pregnant. You need all the love, affection from friends, family. On a regular.

Being in a foreign country where everyone is super busy, working 2 or more jobs to even have time for you. Can be every depressing. Especially in this pandemic. You all just end up alone while everyone’s at work. I made the right decision and I have enjoyed my pregnancy journey. Nothing beats Home”

Vera Sidika reveals

The heavily pregnant socialite also revealed that she doesn’t feel pregnant because she has not felt any morning sickness or discomfort like other pregnant women.

According to her, the only changes she has had is that her belly got bigger and there’s a little human kicking nonstop.

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