Kourtney Kardashian, 36, got the shock of her life – or did she? – when she ‘caught’ her baby daddy Scott Disick, 32, under the covers with sister Kendall Jenner, 20, on Friday.

It turned out to be just another prank put on by members of the most famous reality show family in the world with the businessman blurting out ‘April Fools!’

The Snapchat video began with the camera-wielding Kourtney combing the house for Kendall…then she came across Kylie Jenner asking curiously “Where’s Kendall?”. Kylie nonchalantly told her she thought Kendall was upstairs, so she went upstairs and into a bedroom where she saw her baby Daddy Scott cuddled in bed with Kendall.


Kourtney tells Scott that he is ‘sick’ as her camera follows him from the bedroom, down the hall and out the door.

Scott answered by saying, Yeah everyone knows how inappropriate I am. Then he turned and screamed… ‘April Fools!’


Watch the vid below:

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