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Video Of A Nigerian Bride Dancing Happily With Her Caucasian Groom Sparks Buzz Online (WATCH)

A video capturing a Nigerian lady dancing joyfully with her Caucasian husband on their wedding day has taken the internet by storm.

The video, which has been widely shared online, shows the couple dancing to the beats of traditional gong players as they celebrate their wedding.

The Caucasian groom, who appears visibly older than his bride, follows her lead, matching her energy and dance moves.

The video also captures a moment when the groom generously rewarded the gong players, when they grew tired from dancing.

Since its upload online, the video has quickly gone viral, sparking a range of reactions from netizens.

In no time, viewers expressed their differing opinions, flooding the comment section with various remarks.

Some have celebrated the couple’s love and others have expressed their criticism.

As the video continues to circulate, it has undeniably drawn mixed reactions from netizens online.


Here are some reaction from viewers:

@mummyjima reacted: “The man go tink say na love,but…..anyways congratulations”

@conley247 reacted: “Sister every of his project abroad should be sold and transfer to Nigeria. Our weather is good and he will love our culture”

@mother general reacted: “very stingy man haba😂😂😂😂”

@sarahlok reacted : “what money cannot do does not exist”

@nisot Shawn reacted: “Normally if na Nigerian this girl no go gree marry her great grandpa oo


Watch the video below:




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