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New reports- including a video- have just confirmed that singer Terry G attacked the audience at comedian Bash’s comedy show held at the Muson Centre in Lagos last night.

According to Code News, the singer arrived the show visibly under the influence of unknown substances. He hopped on the stage and allegedly began to misbehave.

To stop him from causing further damage, the organizers reportedly informed the disc jockey, who is Jimmy Jatt’s protégé, to turn off Terry G’s music. After that was done, the ‘Totori’ singer went ballistic as the drama degenerated into a physical attack on the DJ.

Read the report:

“The incident took place yesterday, the 5th June 2016, during his performance at Comedian Bash’s comedy show at the Muson Centre, Lagos. His song was allegedly turned off due to his ‘misbehaviour’ on stage and efforts to get him off stage proved abortive.

He was reportedly ‘very high’ and was cursing the audience after so much failed attempt to get their attention. He was quoted as telling the audience that: “We go all go hell fire”, “Ogun go fire una”, “Mother F*cker,” etc, amidst falling on stage several times, as he tried to give an energetic performance.

At a point, people were telling him to go away. . . The DJ, who was said to be acting under instruction from the show organizers, put off Terry G’s Music. When that couldn’t get him off the stage, the DJ started playing Olamide’s song “Durosoke” and this got him really angry. He reacted by unleashing a slap on the DJ’s face before storming out of the venue.”

Watch The Video Below:


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