Nigerians have condemned the actions of a young man who allowed his pregnant wife to kneel before serving his food.

The video which is currently been circulated on all social platforms captured the 7-month pregnant lady kneeling before putting down his food.

The lady had a protruding belly and could be seen trying to stand on her feet, while her husband focused attentively on his phone.

The clip which was initially shared on TikTok by a relative of the family where he revealed that this is the kind of wife he wants to have sparked several reactions.

According to the man behind the camera, he is searching for a lady who would serve him like his brother’s wife.

In his words; “This is my elder brother’s wife who is 7 months pregnant and she kneels to serve her husband, this is exactly what I want in a woman.”

Below are some comments;

@Dollar_Kerry:  Any man that expects anyone to kneel down and serve him doesn’t deserve a happy home! I said what I said! If you have a problem with this tweet it means you’re a man like that so you already know what you deserve

@Themithayour:  You and your elder brother, àshire ni yin. That beautiful lady was in pain and trying to get up from her kneels. Ha

@valencia_cute5:  You and your elder brother nor well I swear… What about if she falls down in the process of kneeling down or while trying to stand up and it happens otherwise? This are the kind of people that enslaves women..

@reallyknoxy:  You are looking for a woman to enslave bah? See this way that woman is in pain and that’s what you want instead of correcting your brother. May God have mercy on both of you

Watch the video below,

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