A Los Angeles based lesbian couple who have been married for about 3 years now, reportedly got pregnant at the same time, and will be expecting their sons just 3 weeks apart.

The couple Lindsay Lanciault, 34, and Toby Fleischman, 41, who first planned that Toby who is a make-up-artist-to-the-stars to get married, since she was the older one and nearing menopause.

After 2 years of trying, they decided that Lindsay who is a speech-language pathologist should try same donor who grew up with Lindsay, in case Toby had another miscarriage. However, they were surprised to learn that they both are pregnant.

“We both joked though, this would be the time Lindsay gets pregnant.

“And that’s exactly what happened. So yes, we were prepared for the positive result, but it was still a shock. We were of course so excited and we kind of just laughed ― this was the way the universe had it in store for us all along” Toby said.

Toby is due July 22, and Lindsay is due just shy of three weeks later on August 10, and both are having boys.



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