A video of dancer Korra Obidi twerking for her friend Janemena’s husband has gone viral, causing a massive stir online.

Janemena recently welcomed her friend and colleague, US-based Nigerian dancer and singer Korra Obidi, to her home in Asaba, Delta State, and the duo have been serving endless content on social media.

A quite hilarious video that the pair shared on social media last night showed Korra twerking for Janemena’s husband in her presence.

In the video, Korra entered Jane and her husband’s room, and when the husband, Mr Plies, who was on the bed, asked how a video shoot went, an ecstatic Korra began dancing and wriggling her behind, indicating that the shoot went well, while Jane’s husband watched.

Janemena, who was behind the camera, came out to announce her presence, probably to prevent viewers from making suggestive comments about the clip. She then jumped on her husband and began twerking on him, shouting, “I’m here oooo.”

Well, the clip has gone viral after it was shared online, and netizens have had a lot to say about it.

Reacting, an Instagram user wrote, “I don’t want to hear any story later oh.”

One user with the handle @Iykemond wrote, “Expensive play for men. Please, others, don’t try this at home. Let’s follow each other.”

@unusualjoyce added, “Hope this won’t be another case of Nimi and medlin 😂😂. Expensive jokes 😮😮”.

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Watch video below,


  1. There is nothing wrong in the video
    Just full of fun
    It shows they are always free with each other from the onset

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