A Nigerian professor of law, Ngozi Ezeilo, has decried the soaring cost of living in Nigeria in the absence of a rise in income.

Taking to Twitter, she explained that as a law professor, she earns N400K a month and spends N40K to fuel her car each week and approximately N200K in a month.

She added that there’s still a long list of other bills that she has to pay out of her monthly salary when forty percent of her income has gone to fueling her car already.

She asked the direction the country is headed and noted that with the current economic situation in the country, the World Bank’s prediction that many Nigerians will become poor is about to become a reality.

“Which way is Nigeria headed? I bought 50 litres of diesel for my car at the cost of N40, 000 in Enugu. I’m wondering how we will all survive this hardship. As a Law Professor that has reached the last step and stage in promotion at a Federal University, I’m paid about 400k per

Month after taxes so if I spend forty thousand conservatively for fuelling my car on a weekly basis that’s if I remain within my city times that by at least 200 litres per Month it means 40 percent of my salary in fuelling. What about other utilities, electricity, water, rent,

food, children’s school fees, medical, phone and internet etc. Cooking gas is up by over 200 percent? Do we resort to firewood? World Bank’s prediction that millions of Nigerians would be driven to the poverty level is real . We’re in troubled waters with crippling inflation!” She tweeted.

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