South African rapper, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes otherwise known by his stage name AKA, has taken to his twitter page to shade Nigerians following the hype involving Cardi B’s visit to Nigeria.

AKA’s mockery came as a form of his reply to a Nigerian twitter user who insinuated that AKA wouldn’t mind begging Cardi B to waybill bleaching cream to him if she’d visited South Africa.

The twitter user wrote ;

Cardi B went to Nigeria, met their celebrities and sealed off music deals

Cardi B went to Ghana, ate Ghana Jollof and started purging.

I pray she doesn’t go to South Africa, who will she meet? A.K.A? That guy wouldn’t mind asking Cardi B to way bill bleaching cream to him.

AKA was not going to let that slide and he hit back with his reply thus ;

We had the World Cup. You had Cardi B. Different levels.



  1. How much did you get from the world cup… Cardi B who unlike you came down to Nigeria performed and reached out to the less privileged… You feel you must talk abi AKA(hand)


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