Wife of the Ghanaian self proclaimed Dancehall King, Diamond Michelle Gbagonah, has revealed that during her very first date with Shatta Wale, they ended up banging.

Diamond, more commonly known as Shatta Michy, made the revelation during an appearance on the Delay Show.

According to her, she struck up a rapport with Shatta on Facebook, and decided to meet him when she returned to Ghana (she was in Norway at the time).

“I met him on Facebook, and we became good friends on Facebook, I was then in Norway. When I came to Ghana, any person I asked about Shatta Wale, it was all about the negative, and it was all those negative stories I heard which got me more attracted to him because I was also a bad girl loading.”

According to her, they had s*x after they first met, and apparently he impressed her so much that what was supposed to be a fling turned into something more.

“My meeting with Shatta Wale was supposed to be a fling but after our first s*xual encounter, I decided to stay.” She told Delay.

“He is really good in bed and if the thing is nice, you will want to stay.”

Michy also revealed that this happened when she was seventeen.

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