A quite interesting exchange recently ensued between a Nigerian clergyman and his wife on Facebook.

The popular clergyman, identified as Ab Isong, took to his Facebook page on Tuesday to inform his wife of the plans he had for her later that night.

He told her not to bother going to bed in her nightgown because it would only end up on the floor.

“Dear Emem Isong, Wearing a night gown this night is a waste of time because you will still find it on the floor in the morning,” he wrote on Facebook.

Seeing her husband’s funny warning, the wife responded.

“I cover myself with the blood of Jesus. Ayam not doing again Ete.” She replied.

See their exchange below,

A while ago Ab Isong shared his thoughts on what makes a happy home.

The clergyman, in a Facebook post, said it’s not a man’s sexual performance that makes a happy home, but how he treats his wife and children.

According to him, couples shouldn’t place too much importance on sex because it’s not the determining factor for a joyful home.

He emphasized that a man’s attitude and character towards his wife and kids sets the tone for their home.

“What makes a happy home is a man’s attitude and character towards his wife and kids not how he performs in bed. Redirect your priorities!! Don’t stress “Missionaries”, he wrote.

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