Nollywood actress, ChaCha Eke Faani was present in the House on the Rock Church in Asaba this Sunday, 27th November, 2022, where she recounted how she battled mental illness, saying she literally went insane just like it happens in movies.

The actress and mother of four gave a detailed testimony to the congregation during the service. In her testimony, she revealed that she once lodged in a hotel with her husband and two children when she suddenly went mad.

ChaCha Eke Faani opens

She said she started throwing away all their property and was also vandalizing properties in the hotel. According to her, the incident became quite intense to the point that she felt what she needed at the time was to go to the hospital, a motion which her husband later obliged to.

ChaCha Eke Faani opens

ChaCha then revealed that she and her husband were ignorant of the mental illness as they felt it was either demonic attack, voodoo, or marine spirit. They even blamed some family members for being against their marriage.

Watch a video of a piece of her testimony,

It appears the actress has settled her marital woe with her husband, Austin Faani, months after announcing their separation for the umpteenth time.

In an Instagram post she shared earlier in the day, she’s seen with her husband, posing for a picture alongside some church members.

ChaCha Eke Faani opens

Watch the video she shared,

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