Busty Nollywood actress, Cossy Ojiakor turned a year older today and to celebrate 32 years of life she revealed that she talked to God this morning and “He” said He loves her so much.

She wrote:

Am at peace with my life… I have so much love bottled up in this small heart of mine. Happy birthday to me… Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I wish same . kisses and hugs.

Meanwhile, we couldn’t help but gaze at the actress’s birthday outfit, not that we’re new to her exposure, there’s just this twist to it – she’s all covered up but yet still revealing.

What do you think though? Another photo below:



  1. Today u almost cover up, your last birthday outfit was like someone who’s madness just start, you were totally neked, I pray next outfit will be better than this until u change for good.God will surely transform your life.

    • Hahahaha.
      By the next birthday, she will have nothing to flaunt again.
      The boobs are gone.
      The beautiful ones are taking over and Cossy Orjiakor knows it too well.
      Before long now, she will become ‘Born Again’.
      We sabi dia type wella

  2. How I wish some people can jx for a day be privilege to see a dead body after jx 3 days….Only then would they realized that if not for the air that comes from a Driven source, we are all moving dust, maggot,bacteria’s name it…..God help us… as for u COSSY, Hmmm CHANGE for good when u still can….

  3. Showing us her talent as usual

    Doesn’t she got nothing to offer apart 4rm her boobs ?, I av been seeing this her ugly face and beautiful tits for the past 8yrs now and u still expect me be to tripping ? Now is like the boobs re getting smaller that means her talent is fading away.

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