A Nigerian man has sparked mixed reactions online as he states what he would do if elected the country’s president for one day.

The @JKMedia had done a street interview to ask the public opinion on matters, and this man was approached.

To their question of what he would do as a president, he responds,

“I will first say make them cancel anything governor for Lagos, for the whole country self. Why dem go dey close border, no be we get the country? I go open border bring garri and rice. Prison make them open prison….everybody go dey use gun”

The reaction of netizens to this hilarious statement was funny as they all dropped their ‘support’ for the mandate. Read some of the comments:

@djmalex_: Make I sha take my Garri fes b4 dem give me pistol 😂

@kricia2023: I just found my candidate 😂

@shady_temmy: Make everybody dy use pistol especially lag 😂

@__iamrhitta: Make everybody dey collect 😂😂😂😂. You no waka well, you go collect 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂you waka well you go still collect 🔫😂😂

@yskid_contents: Who else is voting this guy??😂😂😂

@emmyolowo01: Him get brothers for prison😂

@set_doctor: come and carry ur brother 😂😂

@bankalat_backup: Give him the president already


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