Controversial Instagram influencer, Mandy Kiss, has taken to social media to lament over her inability to find a boyfriend.

The content creator, who prides herself as the “president of Olosho” in a touching video she shared online, said it has been hard to find a boyfriend because of the kind content she put out.

Mandy Kiss went on to say that she doesn’t truly live the lifestyle she portrays online and that people have a false impression of her.

According to her, she’s not the kind of lady netizens perceive her to be, adding that the things she posts online are mere content.

“It’s hard for me to see bf cos of my content unfortunately I’m not what you guys think I am, its just content”, she captioned the video.

Watch video below,

A while ago, Mandy took to her social media page to appreciate God after Doctors informed her that she can still be a mother regardless of her heavy use of postinor (a birth control pill).

She shared a video on her Tiktok page and she gave a joyful dance with a caption that reads; “After so many postinor and ogogoro, doctor said I can still be a mother. God I am so grateful”.


  1. Mandy I know how u feel but I want u to know one that which is in life people will always criticize u no matter what not everyone is happy with the way u are living if people want to judge u without hearing ur own part of the story let them judge but one thing is must which is the truth will always prevail

  2. I know that all this she said she is doing is lay because how can girl say she can fuck in 24 hours
    I don’t maind if she can be my girlfriend and I promise to marry her

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