Popular singer, Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel a.k.a Mayorkun, has taken to Snapchat to share his opinion on people’s sexuality.

Singer, Mayorkun

The 27-year-old singer averred that a person’s sexuality, either gay or straight, doesn’t matter as long as the person is a good person.

According to him, whether a person is gay, straight or whatever sexuality he identifies as, the person should just have a good personality.

He stated that people can discuss their sexuality with God because he is the judge of all.

Taking to Snapchat, Mayorkun wrote, “Straight, gay, whatever, just be a good person. You can discuss your sexuality with God.”

See his post below,

Singer, Mayorkun

In other news, Mayorkun recently took to Snapchat to advise Nigerian youths.

The self acclaimed “Mayor of Lagos” shared some golden wisdom nuggets that cuts across work, family and friends.

He advised people to enjoy their youth but ensure they save up for retirement. According to him, friends and family can disappoint at any moment.

Read his full post as shared on Snapchat below,

“Enjoy your youth but save for retirement.

Your bad character will give you out eventually.

Family can fuck you up.

Friends are the worst.

Get sense for Lagos.

You got something to say? Say it, don’t hold it in (Not me tho, I leave)

Know your lane before trailer use you do driving test.

People wey dey okay for my country no many like that.

If you want it, work for it.

There’s a better chance to get it by work than by luck.

Don’t indulge/tolerate whatever you don’t like on first instance, that’s the first door to see finish/ disrespect.

Sleep with one eye closed.”

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