A Nigerian man controversially weighed in on the ongoing brawl between the spouse and siblings of late Ikoyi building woner, Femi Osibona’s property following his death after the building collapsed.

We earlier reported that the wife of the late Femi Osibona and his brothers were allegedly entangled in a feud over the bank details, exotic cars, and properties of the late CEO after his lifeless body was recovered under the rubble of 21-story Ikoyi building on November 4th.

In an exchange on Twitter, a user argued that the wife of the deceased whom they had four children together is in no way entitled to any property as her ‘contract in the family has ended already.

Buttressing his point, the user affirmed that he is entitled to his late brother’s properties the second he passes on as an Igbo man.

See the exchange,

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  1. Igbo culture did not give you the right over your siblings properties, when the deceased has a legally married wife and children.
    The death of once husband did not mean the end of the marriage especially when children are involved. Those dragging the property with the woman should be arrested and prosecuted, perhaps they have hand in hand of the man remotely.

  2. Any culture that encourages what you just said is barbaric. Brothers can as well kill each other because of inheritance. In Islam you don’t own a pin of your brother’s properties once he dies. It’s your own contract that’s terminated, once he has wife, children and parents. Thank God we are not all Igbos. The people concern are not Igbos as well.

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