Nigerian Rapper, Afrobeat artiste and record producer Naeto C shared his thought on Sagging, he also revealed how he felt when his song ‘Tony Montana’ was banned.

Speaking recently with Punch, the ‘Ringtone’ crooner said he didn’t see any sense in the ban because they had to wait for three years before placing the ban. According to him, ‘the board was late.’

It will be recalled that the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, NBC, earlier this year, placed a ban on his music video, ‘Tony Montana.’ Naeto said, “I felt the board was very late in banning the song because I released that song in 2012 and it was banned in 2015.

“Also, in the video, there was a disclaimer that no one should try the stunts we did in the video and if they had seen the music video, they would have seen the disclaimer.

If they are going to ban the music video because we used guns in it, then they should ban movies with guns and occult scenes,” the singer added.

“However, that is our reality,” he continued, saying, “I don’t think we communicated anything in a distasteful manner neither did we communicate the wrong message to kids.

I have two kids and naturally when you have kids, you think about other kids in whatever you do.

“I respect the organisation and I would not talk down on it but I don’t think there was any sense in it; it was not necessary to ban the video,” he noted. Responding to why he stopped ‘sagging’, he said, “Yeah, I used to sag a lot. I think I grew up and realised it looked silly.

“When I was a younger artiste, I did not care much about my image. But now that I am grown, I pay attention to my image because the people I perform for are my clients. “My client is a mature person who obviously can afford my services.

You don’t want your client to see you as irresponsible because tomorrow, when you go to the same client for a business proposition, he would not take you seriously if you are sagging.

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