Popular dancer Korra Obidi, recently engaged fans in a question-and-answer segment about her well-being, her fashion choices, and whether or not she would want her daughters to emulate them.

The mother of two, who is still going through a divorce from her husband, Dr. Justin Dean gave a respectful response to a fan who questioned if she would mind if her children imitated her fashion style.

“I don’t mean to upset u, I luv u, but will you agree that your daughters wear what you’re wearing?” the fan wrote.

Korra explained why it would be okay for her daughters to dress however they pleased. She replied “When they are adults, they can wear whatever they want, and whoever tries to tell them how to dress will be a heinously foolish scoundrel.
Freedom of Expression!”

Another fan asked “Do u break down alone thinking of everything you went thru that hurt u”

Ask yourself: Why do I need to know if Korra Breaks down?” Korra responded.

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